Bladder Infections

The following article deals with the symptoms of infections in the bladder as well as its corresponding common treatment solutions.

Symptoms of A Bladder Infection

Since most bladder Infections are caused by bacteria, it’s easy to find and treat the same. One of the earlier signs of the infection is mild and consistent pains and frequent urination.  When a person has the tendency to urinate often and experiences pain while urinating, it’s better to get medical advice. Such infections may also be combined with mild fever and vomiting in some extreme cases. Urinary infections particularly in the elderly can lead to confusion and if not treated it can be life threatening.


The colour of urine and any foul smell in it is a major indicator that can bring to light that an infection might be starting or has already started in the bladder. Many infected people may experience severe cold and extreme pain in the lower back. Do not ignore such indicators as they are the early warning signs of the disease.
When a person experiences any of the symptoms mentioned above, it’s essential to get the advice of a doctor. Self medication can never be a permanent solution to such diseases and it may also make the case even more serious. Also, it’s not necessary to conclude that such symptoms will only mean that its a bladder infection as similar signs are prevalent and it could also be indicative of a  tumor in the  bladder.
Women can be severly effected by bladder and urine infections and do seem to get this problem more frequently than men possibly because of their anatomy and everything being in close proximity.


Bladder infections per se are not very dangerous and so early detection and proper treatment should be sought to get rid of the problem. Doctors prescribe antibiotics to tackle these bacteria generally speaking. The dosage ranges between 4 to seven days and it’s longer for men.  The doctors analyze the history of the patient and their current health condition before prescribing any particular antibiotic.  In addition to such antibiotics, some doctors may also prescribe certain drugs to overcome the fever, cold and other such associated illnesses.  Many patients who suffer from severe burning sensation may also be given some ointments which are then applied in the urinary and genital region.
Besides medications doctors’ often advise the patients to take foods that are rich in Vitamin A C and E.

The last but the most essential and effective curer of this disease is Water. It’s the most natural form of antidote that is available free of cost. Water has to be consumed in large quantities either in its natural form or in the form of juices and other drinks. This keeps the infections at bay and also helps in keeping the body fit and fine. Drinking water when there is a bladder or urine infection means that the bacteria can be “flushed through” more quickly and speeds up recovery time.