Do Colon Cleansers Work?

Are you aware that your colon can contain up to 10 pounds of impacted, putrefied, undigested food? This encrusted fecal matter gets trapped and caked around the insides of your colon / large bowel. The poisonous toxins from this sludge get reabsorbed into your bloodstream (especially if you do not drink enough water) and are distributed around your body. Your body will then have to work very hard in trying to eliminate them – this is definitely not good for your heath, this is often why people who are overloaded with toxins feel drained and sluggish especially after eating a meal. As your body is working extra hard all the time, this will result in other areas of your body getting deprived of the proper energy flow it needs.

Do you suffer from acne, bad breath, bloating, allergies, poor memory, protruding gut, low sex drive, low energy, general malaise, headaches, constipation, diarrhea and other digestive problems? Your body is probably overwhelmed with toxins resulting from a poor diet coupled with poor elimination.

The problem is that even if you change your diet now and take up some exercise you won’t actually achieve any benefits and probably will only feel marginally better. This is because the colon (the body’s’ sewage system) is already clogged up and impacted with waste. Most illnesses are caused by unhealthy colons. Flu, colds, arthritis, hay fever, digestive problems, diabetes type 2 and some cancers are all examples of conditions caused by excessive amounts of poor-quality, high-fat, chemical -laden foods and poor elimination. Food can stay in your colon for days, weeks, months and even years if you do not eliminate effectively.

Which Colon Cleansing Is The Most Efficient?

Colon cleansing is the process of removing impacted, fecal waste from the colon, this cleansing allows for better absorption of vital vitamins and minerals needed to sustain life, and lets your colon ‘breathe’ again. It can be a safe and valuable process for eliminating toxins from the body and restoring and improving muscular activity in the colon.

We all know that a robust and well-functioning colon is paramount to maintaining the best possible health. An impacted, weak, poorly functioning colon, is a dangerous breeding ground for sickness and disease in the future so invest in your health today. Unfortunately, the health of our colon/ bowel tends to get neglected in this modern day world; we seem to ram anything down our necks with little thought to what it actually contains, and don’t forget all the chemicals and artificial sweeteners that are added to our food on a daily basis.
There are a lot of choices in colon cleansing products, and it can be overwhelming with hundreds of products available. An effective colon cleansing product should as a bare minimum be able to:

1. Cleanse your colon of harmful, impacted wastes and toxins and

2. Promote improved digestion and absorption and a better overall quality of eliminations.

An effective colon cleansing product should be able to strengthen your immune system in conjunction with promoting improved nutrient assimilation which will, in turn, boost energy levels.

Here are some other ways to  help maintain a healthy colon/ large bowel if you don’t fancy a colon cleanse.

o Eating smaller meals more regularly- grazing is better than gorging!
o Eat for what you are about to do, not for what you have done.
o Use the KISS, keep it simple stupid. Don’t mix too many different types of food on one plate and try and aim for an alkaline balance rather than acidic
o Chew your food slowly and keep your mouth closed while eating, to avoid air getting into your digestive system
o Buy in season and buy local. By buying your fruit and veg from your local farm shops and farmers’ markets, you will always get nutrient-rich fresh food whilst at the same time contributing to the survival of organic farming in your own country.
o Sip room temperature water and don’t go for icy water.
o Avoid carbonated drinks if you feel bloated and gassy.
o Avoid the use of  artificial sweeteners – you can use honey or stevia as natural alternatives.
o You know whole grains are better for you. Rice, oats, barley, etc. are much better for you than white bread and pasta, and they contain more fiber which helps clean up your digestive system. Get natural grains rather than tinned and soak overnight. Err on the side of undercooking than making them a mush.
o Beans and pulses (baked beans/sweetcorn/peas etc.) have a high fiber content. They are a precious addition to your diet but they can cause gas so introduce them slowly to your diet and again natural and soaked overnight is the optimum approach.
o Keep hydrated – drink lots of water